Alphabet Race

Alphabet Race is a simple but fun game of tapping A to Z as fast as you can. It is extremely easy but insanely addicting!


Transform your photos into funny works of art using hats, glasses, wigs, and other accessories!

The Dummy Test

Go through over 40 mind stumping questions to determine if you're a dummy!

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The Dummy Test 2

Still a dummy? Determine how smart you really are with the latest version of The Dummy Test!


Utilitybox combines 9 powerful tools into one useful application.

iMprint Illusions

Discover amazing optical illusions, street art, and high-speed photography.


Tap as fast as you can!

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Pop the endless amount of dots that appear on the screen! Use powerups to gain extra points and become invisible!


Soundchat lets you send instant, secure voicechats. Think instant voicemail.